Sunday, 7 December 2014


Around 400 metres above Punta Campanella along the steep climb up the ridge towards Monte San Costanzo, you come to a small plateau. In the winter, when the vegetation is scarce or in the aftermath of a bush fire (there was one just weeks ago), the old dry stone wall terracing is very evident, giving you some idea of what it must have been like years ago when the locals maintained and cultivated the land. Nowadays, all that remains are the tumble-down walls crisscrossing the surface. In the spring and summer these are virtually hidden firstly by a sea of pink asphodels, then by a variety of grasses and a myriad of wild flowers. It is an area loved by butterflies and myself. 

Walk towards the edge of the plateau overlooking the sea to admire views of the Amalfi Coast, Li Galli islands, the chapel of San Costanzo perched on its hill top and on a very clear day, the Salento coast stretching into the distance far away.
You don’t necessarily have to face the climb to reach this spot. However I would recommend it for the fantastic views of the Bay of Jeranto along the way. You can also take the easy way setting off towards the end of the road after Monte San Costanzo where there is a path leading off to the right.
Following this you will come to an ugly cement platform compensated by the views towards S.Maria Annunziata and Massa Lubrense, Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples in the background, before descending to the left towards Vetavole.

Choose a rock and enjoy the peace and quiet of this special place. Or wander around, admiring the huge variety of flowers, the lizards, the butterflies and when you are lucky, you may see dragonflies hovering in the air or posing on a twig.