Monday, 29 December 2014


Bay of Jeranto with Capri behind
2014 is drawing to an end and with 52 day hikes along my local  trails, plus two excellent walking holidays abroad, (Costa Rica and Menorca), I can happily say that it has been another good year.
Looking back to Capri from ridge to San Costanzo
I count myself very lucky. Living where I do at the tip of the Sorrento peninsula, I am spoilt for choice. 
I do not necessarily have to go far. I can just close my front door and choose: I may wander down to the village of Nerano and on to the bay of Jeranto, in summer even including a swim.

Alternatively, I may take the opposite direction and walk to Termini, before heading off to Punta Campanella and climbing the steep and panoramic ridge to Monte San Costanzo with its 360° views of the surrounding countryside and coastline.
If I want to go a little further afield, the whole of the Amalfi Coast is at my fingertips. The famous Path of the Gods and the Valley of the Mills are just two of the more famous routes, but there are many, many more. 
For any of you who have never been to this area, do consider a visit. 
Our trails may often be quite rough underfoot and the signage not so great. We have an awful lot of  uphill and an awful lot down. Steps abound. However I can assure you that the views are second to none, and as for the flowers in springtime and early summer.. it is a botanist’s delight.
View from Path of the Gods towards Positano

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