Monday, 28 November 2016


Following the fire at the end of August, the path from Nerano to the Bay of Jeranto was declared off limits by the local authorities due to the risk of falling rocks. It is now December and, as far as we know, the path is still officially closed, although anyone presently wanting to go to Jeranto would be blissfully unaware of this, since the  barriers have been pushed to one side and the official notice is fast disintegrating.
There is however another path commencing just a few metres from the start of via Ieranto, just outside the village of Nerano, which takes you up through the woods to Monte San Costanzo. This  is part of the famous Alta Via dei Monti Lattari (CAI 300) running the length of the peninsula from the Abbey of Cava dei Tirreni to Punta Campanella.
Many hiking groups,   both foreign and Italian, walk this route, usually accompanied by professional guides... and here lies the problem.
Is this particular path officially accessible or not?
From the initial positioning of the barriers, the turning from via Ieranto onto this track is decidedly on the forbidden side. However it remains to be seen if this was actually intentional or not. 
Guides are already contacting our local expert in all things hiking,Giovanni Visetti, asking for clarification, since now is the time of year that the coming season's routes are being planned. Giovanni has contacted the local authorities, but so far nobody has replied.
The problem is that if a guide takes people along a path which is officially closed, the responsibility lies entirely on his shoulders should anything untoward  happen, independently from whether the event is relevant to the restriction or not.
Since this trail is just a few metres from the road, is not directly beneath the rock-face and therefore no more dangerous than kilometres and kilometres of paths and roads generally open to pedestrians and traffic, is it really worth discouraging or even banning its transit to hikers following the Alta Via dei Monti Lattari? Couldn't the barriers be moved a few metres further on?
Last year, be it for other reasons, the path to Punta Campanella was closed for months. Now it is via Ieranto's turn. Why deprive hikers of yet another path in this area if it is not even necessary? 

The local council has professed its interest in developing hiking tourism in this area. It should therefore be the first to move promptly and at least provide answers when questions are asked.
View from CAI300 Nerano -San Costanzo