Tuesday, 18 July 2017


Many of you will have heard about the terrible fires that are once again plaguing our area. There is little point in debating the reasons why. Suffice it to say that we have had no proper rain in months,  and that the terrain was more than fertile...
One of the areas most recently hit is in the hills above Positano and Montepertuso where there is a popular network of trails.
A keen walker and local guy, Andrea Milano, has reported on the state of the main paths beneath Sant'Angelo a Tre Pizzi and between Montepertuso and S. Maria del Castello.
"The following CAI trails have definitely been affected by the fire:
329, 329b, 331 (Valle Pozzo), 300 (the stretch Castagnole-S.Maria del Castello)
- from Valle Pozzo to S.Maria del Castello: to be avoided at all costs, especially the central part. Falling rocks.
- Canestrelli Trail (from Montepertuso to Castagnole): already tricky pre fire due to thick undergrowth , it is now to be avoided at all costs as per Valle Pozzo.
- Pinewood Montepertuso / Valle Pozzo: still a lot of smoke, all the bush has gone and some pine trees. Ok  from the Montepertuso car park to the  spring of Dragone  and to the junction with Le Tese for S.Maria del Castello. The western area of ​​the pine forest and the upper part of  Valle Pozzo are to be avoided due to falling rocks.
- Castagnole, Caserma Forestale, Conocchia and up to  S.Angelo a Tre Pizzi: all burnt and clean. Ok to walk but ATTENTION along the stretch from Colle dell'Ara to the  Caserma (Forestale building),due to falling rocks.
- Above Nocelle, Campo dei Galli: the undergrowth has burned, no evident danger. However pay attention to where the fence is.
- West side Monte Gambera: holm oak wood –similar situation to the Montepertuso pinewood.
- The hole of Monte Gambera (Montepertuso): to be avoided for the moment due to falling rocks

The “falling rocks” problem will be ongoing, until the first rain and frost.

If out walking, pay attention, especially to tree stumps; if you find one smoldering, try to put it out & call 1515. "

Original text in Italian at FB page Camminate