Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Following  last year's  creation of a new hiking trail, the Giro di Santa Croce, up behind Termini (Massa Lubrense), Giovanni Visetti and volunteers are now ready to inaugurate another.
This latest is  a short and simple loop of just over 5 kms and with little  elevation gain (just over 100 metres), which will take you from Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi, circumventing the Deserto at between 300 and 400masl, round to Acquara and Pastena, before bringing you back to your starting point. It has been  made possible by the clearing of another ancient path, Acquacarbone, which had long since sunk into virtual oblivion and been submerged in vegetation. 
Up until the middle of last century, before the construction of the road between Sorrento and Sant'Agata, this route will have been the main thoroughfare between Sant'Agata and the village of Priora. Starting from Via Olivella, it runs parallel and above the present road and at just 2km long is much shorter than the 5kms of the road.
The re-opening of this path also creates many other options for walking from Sant'Agata to Massa Lubrense or to Sorrento using minor roads and paths. Not only can you avoid the noise, danger and fumes of the traffic  whilst enjoying the shade of the chestnut woods, but you will also be able to enjoy magnificent views over the Bay of Naples, from Capri to  Vesuvius and Faito; and all this past gardens and olive groves, along quiet dirt paths and paved lanes.
The inauguration of the trail will take place on Friday 24th June, departing at 18.00hrs from the square in Sant'Agata.

Photos and map courtesy of Giovanni Visetti.