Sunday, 3 January 2016


Marina del Cantone from path to Jeranto
I was looking back on 2015 and thinking how lucky I am that so many of the best hikes in this area are right on my doorstep.
If any of you are planning a visit to Sorrento or Massa Lubrense, here are three that you really should  not miss:
Bay of Jeranto
the Bay of Jeranto - a spectacular bay, part of the natural marine reserve (so no boats), with a small pebbled beach just a few kilometres walk from the village of Nerano. As you stroll along the path, you first have views of Marina del Cantone with the Amalfi Coast stretching out behind, and then views of the island of Capri peeping out from behind Punta Campanella. The beach can get very crowded in the summer, inspite of the fact that the only way to get there is on foot. However the walk itself is lovely and if you venture onto the quarried plateau, in springtime you will find a profusion of wild orchids.
Giro di Santa Croce
Next is the new Giro di Santa Croce - this has substituted the walk to Punta Campanella, presently off limits due to restoration work. The departure point is the village of Termini, and once out of the village the path takes you first up through shady woods before bringing you out onto the open hillside with the island of Capri straight in front of you. The path continues  parallel to the coastline and for any botany lover, this walk is an absolute must. Even in December there were flowers everywhere. I actually prefer this walk to the original one to Punta Campanella.
View from Pizzetiello (Sirenuse Trail) towards Capri
Last but not least, I suggest the Sirenuse Trail, setting off from the village of Torca (or Sant'Agata if you wish to make it longer). There is a steep but fairly short climb to get to the top of Pizzetiello, but it is well worth the effort. Once at the top, in one direction you have views of the southern side of the Sorrento peninsula , in the other, the Amalfi Coast. As you descend down to the Colli, you have the Amalfi Coast to one side and the Bay of Naples to the other.

All these hikes are described in more detail on my web site at these links:
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View of Bay of Naples (left) and Amalfi Coast (right) from Sirenuse Trail