Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Something a little different - the marinas of Seiano and Vico Equense

Marina d'Equa from above
beach in Marina d'Equa
In all my many years of living in this area, I had never been  to Seiano's Marina D'Equa,  nor to the marina of Vico Equense. 
So a few Sundays ago, we decided to do some exploring.
The easiest way to get there, if you are staying in or near Sorrento, is by train, getting off in Seiano and returning from Vico Equense (or vice versa).
Vico's marina
Walk up the main road from the station and head into the "centre" of Seiano at the bend until you get to the little square. Take Via Santa Maria Vecchia, a quaint alleyway that becomes steps before emerging onto a road. Turn left here and you will shortly pass beneath a building and come out at the marina.
Here you can go first to the left past the Axidie Resort where there is  a small beach. Then retrace your steps, pass the harbour and walk along  the seafront until you come to another beach. Walk over this  and once past the remains of  a Roman villa (not particularly evident), you will come to some steps (Via Pezzolo). There are rather a lot of these steps and they are fairly steep, but they will eventually take you to Vico Equense. 
Walk through Vico (it is only small) and take the Via Castello Marina. This is an extremely pleasant lane that becomes a path leading directly down to  the beach. When we went it was a Sunday in low season, so it was not at all crowded as you can see from the photos. I shudder to think what it is like in July and August..
Go along the seafront to the end and now you will have to walk up along the road meandering back up to Vico. Unfortunately the more direct path has been closed for years due to a landslide. However, the views are not to be sniffed at and the slope is really not too steep.
All in all, if you fancy a fairly short relaxing walk and like the sea, then this could be the walk for you.

More photos of: Marina d'Equa, Vico Equense and not only.

View from the path going down to Vico Marina

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