Monday, 2 January 2017


Oh dear! Is it just me, or are there others of you out there who have reservations about the recently released video "Made in Heaven - il paradiso รจ qui" produced for the local Council to promote the delights of Massa Lubrense and entice visitors to this area.

Whilst fully appreciating  the  photography (no one can deny that we live in a stunning area) and whilst not entirely disliking the music (apart from the first piece), I really cannot understand the need for "a story" or at least not this story, which involves a retro couple of vapid character and 3 extremely irritating damsels who spend their time draped over balconies, flitting down lanes and swimming in improbably azure water. 
And what is all that about the fresh cheeses? Their sudden appearance  hard on the footage of our heroine in her bath is all very odd, almost disconcerting!
Maybe I am missing something, but the overall impression is that they have tried too hard. It is too constructed, too artificial, too pseudo-symbolic. This is a pity, since if you removed or even replaced, the famous five , it would be great.
I have linked the shorter version (8 minutes) for any one who hasn't seen it. There is also a longer version if you can bear it!

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