Sunday, 4 December 2016

A SHORT WALK TOWARDS JERANTO - a few observations and questions.

This morning, only having a short amount of time available and being unable to resist a walk on a such beautifully warm and sunny morning, I decided to go towards Jeranto.

It was the first time I had ventured there since the fire at the end of August. Here are just a few very brief observations:
- in some places the fire had actually passed right over the path and down the other side of the hillside. Whilst the lower vegetation is now green, the burnt shrubs and trees still cast a shadow on the landscape.

- there is no evidence of rock fall, or at least no more than usual, and this despite some heavy rain over the past few months. 

- how long is it going to take the local Council to re-open the path officially? I am very aware that it doesn't necessarily depend on them, however we are now in December and will soon be half way  through the winter. Moreover, if they do want people to be dissuaded, then they need to do something about the barriers and the signs (basically there are none anymore). I met several people along the trail.

- the infamous solar panels and cabinet perched on the rock at one of the view points are of course still there (there were requests that they should be moved to a more discreet location being an eyesore). However one of the panels is now all cracked and the cabinet, which before emitted a buzzing sound, is silent. Does this mean that there is no monitoring over the winter and it is switched off, or is it in fact broken and therefore destined to be left there to posterity until it rusts?

- whilst I was walking back up the hill,  a motor boat sailed happily into the protected Marine Reserve of the Bay of Jeranto and anchored. From what I could see, I do not think that they were there to analyse the water....more like preparing to fish, so doubly in defect. It is a pity that some people have a complete disregard for the environment.

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