Thursday, 4 February 2016


Some good news today - the cable car linking Castellammare di Stabia to Faito, out of action since 2013, should be back in service from 25th April this year.
Faito used to be a place where people would go to escape the heat of the summer, enjoying picnics and walks in the shade of its chestnut and beech trees. There were summer homes, many chalet-style, unusual for this part of Italy, and recreation areas including an outdoor swimming pool. And of course the trails.
However over the years things changed. Faito began to take on an air of increasing neglect, and the demise of the cable car marked a further and  serious decline in its fortunes.
Faito has some fantastic paths, but without the cable car it was a bit of a pain to get to, the buses unfrequent and un-reliable,  more likely to break down along the way  than make it to the top, and the road, apart from being long and tortuous, having definitely seen better days. 
It is however one of the best places in this area for summer hiking, not only because it is fairly high up (1300/1400m) and often breezy, but also because its woods provide a canopy of shade. There are walks for everyone, from a simple stroll to a steep scramble and you can make them as long or as short as you wish. If you make it to the top of the Molare (1444m), you will be rewarded by 360° views: the Bay of Naples, Vesuvius,the Amalfi Coast, the Sorrento peninsula with Capri at its tip. However even if you limit yourself to walking to  Casa del Monaco or along the ridge from the cable car station to the Santuario di San Michele, you will still be able to enjoy panoramas that are second to none.
For more information regarding the hikes,just  follow this link. 
Hopefully  the restitution of the cable car service will mark the start of the revival of Faito and a return of both locals and foreign visitors to its trails!