Friday, 6 November 2015


Taking advantage of yet another beautifully sunny day, I decided to take a break at lunchtime and walk up through the woods from my home in Nerano  to Monte San Costanzo.
The banks of pink cyclamen to the sides of the path brightened my way as I headed steeply uphill through the trees, watching my footing since the humidity had made the trail extremely slippery. As I came out of the shade, I turned to look down, enjoying the views of the bay of Marina del Cantone far below.  
However the best was yet to come. 
At the very beginning of September an immense  fire had completely destroyed the vegetation on the slopes of Monte San Costanzo, transforming  the hillside into what can only be described as a lunar landscape. 
The flames had extended into the pinewood, scorching the trees and consuming the undergrowth. Everything was black or brown. It was just depressing.
Now, a mere two months later,  the scars of the fire have faded and  the predominant colour is green, a fresh, bright and vital green. In the midst of this green a myriad of daisies have emerged in cheerful contrast, their flowers  attracting the occasional pollen- seeking butterfly or bee.
I continued happily up towards the crest, disturbing the lizards enjoying the warmth of the sun's rays on the rocks and marvelling at the speed of recovery.
It felt more like springtime than November  and I can't wait to see what it will be like then!

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