Saturday, 11 July 2015


Now that the height of the summer is upon us, it is worth considering going a little  higher up to beat the heat and enjoy a walk in the relative cool.
Faito (1100 to 1444 metres above sea level) is ideal for this with its extensive chestnut and beech woods offering lots of shade and a network of paths which will take you to some of the finest viewpoints of the whole area.
The best map of Faito is once again the work of Giovanni Visetti and can be downloaded (completely free) at this link.
My favourite route, having first admired the views of the Bay of Naples from the Belvedere at Piazzale dei Capi, is a loop via Campo del Pero , Casa del Monaco, Conocchia (1387m), Molare (1444m and the highest point of the Monti Lattari) returning via Acqua Santa.
For more information and a more detailed description of this hike, please visit my website at the following link.  
The path varies from wide, level beaten tracks, to narrow, rougher trails with a lot of loose stones. Much of it is in the shade although the one steeper climb (to Conocchia) is completely exposed. Generally there will be a good breeze to help you along. The ascent to the top of the Molare is an optional depending on your head for heights..
Whichever route you choose, the views are spectacular. It is never crowded and well worth the effort of getting there.

If you do not have a car, the only way  to Faito is by bus from Vico Equense (not that frequent, so check the times).

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