Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Now that it is getting hot, what could be better than combining a rewarding hike with a refreshing swim?
The Bay of Jeranto, part of the  Punta Campanella Marine Reserve, can only be reached on foot, which is something we should all be grateful for. I remember clearly how some years ago, before it became a protected area and when boats were still allowed access, how hoards of people would disembark onto the tiny beach transforming it into a heaving mass of noisy, sweaty bodies. The bay itself fast became a day port, full of boats of every shape and size and if you wanted a swim, you risked getting scythed by propellers. Add to this, the smell of fuel and the noise of the motors, any hope of a peaceful and relaxing day by the sea  quickly vanished. 
This has all changed. It can still get crowded (especially at weekends in  the summer) , since more and more people will actually walk there. However the sea is usually crystalline and  in it you will find just  fish and the occasional swimmer or two. Occasionaly there will be a kayak, , sometimes even a pedalo from Marina del Cantone (but you need particularly strong legs to do that), but a boat is rare, unless it is the official and authorised boat of the Marine Reserve. 
The walk to Jeranto is one of the most picturesque around here. Once you leave the village of Nerano, the first views are of the bay of Marina del Cantone with Li Galli islands  and the Amalfi Coast beyond. As you proceed,  two of the 3 "peaks" come into sight with an ancient defence tower perched between them. The best is yet to come though, since as you start the descent towards the bay, all of a sudden  Capri's Faraglioni rocks appear out of nowhere and as you continue down, the whole of the Jeranto, its abandoned quarry to the left, opens out before you.
If you are not in a hurry to get to the beach, I strongly suggest you first walk up to the tower to admire the views from there and then go down to the old quarry and walk to its furthest point beyond the site's buildings. 
From there you will have a magnificent view of Capri and Punta Campanella.

For the full itinerary, please visit this link:!jeranto/c1gfz

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