Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Useful information for walkers in the Sorrento peninsula

Following a recent hike along most of the southern side of the Sorrento peninsula (Guardia to Punta Campanella), this is what Giovanni Visetti reports in his latest blog:   

Descent from the view point at Cafariello 
For several years now, the old trail along the ridge has been completely obstructed by dense vegetation. This is still the case, so Giovanni took the alternative path to the left of the ridge which descends in zigzags. This too was tricky due to the brambles.  Last year I tried both options, completely unsuccessfully. It is a shame because what could be a very pleasant alternative on the way to Crapolla or Monte di Monticchio  is no longer practicable. 

For the past couple of years there has been a wooden signpost at the lower end of Via Corbo with the word "SENTIERO"  (path) written in red. A few metres further on, the path deviates, going down some rough steps to the lower terrace where the path continues. A wooden table discourages access to the upper, now cultivated terrace. 

The CAI trail between Guardia and the pinewood of Monte di Monticchio. 
Someone (probably not the CAI since the signs are red without the white stripe)  has re-marked the trail, at times a little too enthusiastically with an over-abundance of paint! This is of great help to anyone unfamiliar with this route and especially at the points where it is easy to go wrong. 

Link CAI 300 - Spina
Once past the valley to the west of Cuparo (this still needs to be crossed with the utmost caution), up to the right, well above the main path and painted onto the rock in big red letters is VIS (see photo). Being higher up, it can easily be missed. Out of curiosity, Giovanni decided to go and see where it led. The track is neither well-marked or particularly evident, but it you go in the right direction, it avoids you having to go first downhill and then back up again along the CAI path. 

New views on the way to Jeranto
The two rusty old pylons below the path have been taken down and will soon be removed along with the other 3 that had already collapsed. These have been an eyesore for years, so this is very welcome news and we can all thank Giovanni for getting the ball rolling with his original Blog on the subject

Via Calella Monticchio (via Gradoni)
This was paved a few years ago making the first part very easy walking. The next stretch is also clear of vegetation and simple to follow. However there has been a landslip just a few metres before the stream and a tree is now obstructing the path. The only way round is to clamber up the bank to the right and even so the channel is full of debris, very uneven and quite tricky to navigate. 

The ridge of Monte San Costanzo is spectacular at the moment, covered in pink asphodels. If you are able to go there over the next couple of weeks, you will not be disappointed. Quite a difference to five months ago in the aftermath of the fire!

Photos courtesy of Giovanni Visetti unless mentioned.

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