Monday, 27 April 2015


There is a new map of Massa Lubrense covering Massa centre, Santa Maria, Annunziata, Marina della Lobra and San Francesco. It can be downloaded from the following link:
Further to Giovanni Visetti's previous post regarding the App PDF-maps, the Path of the Gods is now also available for download. PDF-maps now have 5 of Giovanni’s maps: Capri, Path of the Gods, Massa and surroundings, Punta Campanella/San Costanzo and Sorrento.  

Via Li Schisani - apparently the Sorrento Town Council  has  at last decided to repair via Li Schisani. This path, although no longer much used by the locals, is of significant importance to hikers wanting to go from Sant’Agata to Sorrento or viceversa, being a convenient alternative to the very steep Circumpiso. Their first attempt at repair collapsed just a few weeks later and roughly ten years have passed meantime. Giovanni himself had suggested on more than one occasion that a temporary, simple and economic solution could have been to use chestnut-wood poles similar to those of the pergolas in our lemon groves to create a wooden catwalk over the affected area. Evidently this was too simple and economical, although the official reason was that it wouldn’t have met the safety regulations or been approved by the relative authorities.

Via Fontanella – according to the local press, work is about to commence on Via Fontanella following the landslide over a year ago. It should take roughly a month to complete. At the moment, walkers wishing to follow the red itinerary between Massa Lubrense and Sorrento (Pantano, Fontanella, Vigliano) have to deviate up to the church of Li Simoni.

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