Sunday, 25 January 2015


A couple of weeks ago, Giovanni Visetti published an article in his Blog Discettazioni Erranti  complaining about a number of ancient rusty metal pylons, and not only, scarring the landscape of some of the most picturesque walks in this area.
He specifically identified one along the path to Punta Campanella and others polluting the views on the way to Jeranto, not forgetting the  display of obsolete antennas and ramshackle abandoned sheds further afield on Faito. 
He asked why they couldn’t be removed: anti-aesthetic, long since unused and potentially even a source of danger as they were.
Well, I am delighted to report that the first one has disappeared. Not thanks to any divine intervention from above or to some institution or Company, mortified by his post, springing into action, but purely thanks to Giovanni’s determination (ever heard the saying “ a dog with a bone”?). Yesterday Giovanni and  a band of willing helpers  convened at the site of the first offending pylon (Punta Campanella) and manually carted the pieces up the path to a couple of trucks which were waiting to take them away. (see Giovanni's update)
Due to their location, the dismantling and removal of the pylons towards Jeranto will be considerably more complex. However I would happily take a bet that before too long, Giovanni will manage to accomplish this too, and it will be no mean feat.
Watch this space, or keep an eye directly on Giovanni’s Blog or the Facebook page Camminate Camminate

NB photos courtesy of Giovanni

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