Saturday, 31 January 2015


It has been a busy week for Giovanni Visetti, well-known cartographer and expert of the  Sorrento peninsula and Amalfi Coast trails, with three new blogs regarding his maps.

Perhaps the most welcome is the news that updated and slightly revised trail maps of Sorrento and Massa Lubrense will soon replace the old fading and often damaged ones that you can find in most villages and townships. These will also include “Warnings”: warnings of interruptions due to landslides (the main one being at Via Pantano, affecting one of the routes between Massa Lubrense and Sorrento, with another much smaller one at the start of Via Fontana on the way to Nerano) or of the very poor state of the last stretch of the path leading to Recommone from Monte Monticchio, subject of one of my  previous blogs. Alternative routes for all are indicated. In addition, there are a couple of changes to the original routes linking Torca and Sant’Agata to Crapolla and Guardia. 
This map is already available on Giovanni's website and can, as always, be downloaded and printed completely free of charge. It will also be accessible on the websites of the local Town Council and relative Tourist offices (Pro Loco).

To conclude his week, Giovanni has created QR codes for the map. Hopefully these will be readily displayed in hotels, B&Bs, tourist offices, even at bus stops, so that users of Smartphones, Iphones and tablets will able to download and save the map onto their devices and thus have instant access to the routes whenever and wherever. 

Here are the links to the blogs: