Saturday, 27 September 2014


I have always had a soft spot for Pizzetiello and even more so since this summer when one evening in July I was lucky enough to go to a concert at sundown right there on top of the hill. With the notes of  Vivaldi 's Four Seasons drifting on the wind,  pink fluffy clouds floating across the horizon, the backdrop of the sea and the coastline as dusk approached, it was ethereal and sublime.

Pizzetiello, or Malacoccola as it is frequently called, was always there, as were the paths to get to it, but in September 2013 it became part of the Sentiero delle #Sirenuse (Sirenuse Trail), newly named in an attempt to promote and turn it into a local Path of the Gods.  I doubt that this will ever happen, but the trail is now generally better maintained and the signage has  improved. 
Pizzetiello, at 489 metres above sea-level, is not that high. However the outstanding views are an intrinsic part of what makes it special.

Facing west, Capri’s Faraglioni rocks peep out from behind the peaks of the bay of Marina del Cantone and Monte San Costanzo. Facing east, you can enjoy a glimpse of the Amalfi Coast, the little white houses of Praiano clinging to the hillside, Positano fashion. Straight down below, you can wonder at the Li Galli islands, seemingly adrift at sea.

To get there you have a choice. You can set off from the village of Torca, following the path high above the sea before tackling the final short but very steep climb to the top, or you can walk more gently up from the main road on the other side, going back the same way if you don't fancy the fairly slippery downhill stretch. It is entirely up to you. Whichever way you choose, you will not be disappointed.

For a more detailed description of the hike:!sentiero-delle-sirenuse/cpjq

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