Wednesday, 17 September 2014


On Sunday we went to Capri. I know it was a Sunday and I know it was September, but I have never ever seen so many people down at the Marina Grande. It was chaos.
Luckily the tourist masses stick to a very limited circuit, mainly heading up to the Piazzetta and Capri Town or taking one of the boat trips to the Grotta Azzurra. 

We were going to Anacapri and then on to the Sentiero dei  Fortini (Bourbon Blockhouses Trail) and it proved to be a wise choice. Rather than risking our health and sanity packed like sardines into the tiny buses, we decided to walk up the Scala Fenicia, 900 steps which originally were the only way of getting from the port to Anacapri.
It was hot work, but we made it fairly painlessly, meeting just one other person, going the opposite way.
Anacapri was also busy, but we were soon away from the crowds and walking down towards Punta Carena and the lighthouse.We had decided to walk northbound  towards the Grotta Azzurra, and not the other way round which is more usual.
This kept the sun out of our eyes and in the right direction for the many photo opportunities along the trail.
We walked steadily – the sun was bright, the white rocks dazzling, the sea azure. We ate our sandwiches sitting on the blocks of the Fortino di Mezzo looking out to sea.A solitary lizard tried to capture one of our grapes.
It was a far cry from the inferno down at the port.

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