Sunday, 31 August 2014

The Spiaggia di Remese (or Remmese) - Positano

Several weeks ago, whilst walking along the main road towards Positano, we were looking down towards the sea and saw far below a deserted beach with a few sun umbrellas and a small building. It looked very enticing.
We asked if it was accessible on foot and were told that you could only go by boat unless you were staying at the Hotel Le Agavi whose  beach establishment was what we could see from above.
Ironically, and certainly fortuitously, a couple of weeks later Giovanni Visetti posted on his Facebook page "Camminate" a couple of articles regarding this very beach, including a detailed itinerary with photos.You can find these at the following link:
So this morning we thought we would give it a try and we are so glad we did! Being a bit of a wimp, I was a little anxious about the point where you need to go up a metre or two with the aid of some ropes, (memories of Anginola on Capri, but that is another story). It really was quite simple and the ropes help more for balance than anything else. That is the only tricky bit, if you can call it that.
Once down at beach level you have to walk right through the beach bar and sun terraces of the hotel. However this was no problem at all and we made our way past the few deck chairs on the beach itself picking our spot on some very comfortable shingle. This made a pleasant change to the highly uncomfortable bottom-numbing pebbles you find elsewhere.
The water was crystal clear. There was no one else at all. It was bliss.
Now a confession... on the way back we took a water-taxi. This was not really cheating since we still had to walk all the way up from the main beach in Positano to the main road beyond the belvedere of the Madonnina. 
More photos at this link: 

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