Saturday, 9 August 2014


I have a confession to make. 
I hate August here with a vengeance. Probably I am spoilt, living in such a picturesque and generally fairly tranquil place for the majority of the year.
My dislike probably goes back to the years when I was running the local tobacconist's down at Marina del Cantone. Forget about days off, forget about evenings off, forget about a 40 hour week.. And to hear super-bronzed females, freshly showered and perfumed, ask why you were already closing 16 hours into the day at nigh on midnight, was enough to tip you over the edge.
But that is history. 
Now it is the noise, the chaos, the queues to get in and out of Sorrento, the crowds going at snail's pace down the alleyways, suddenly stopping and risking a people's pile up. It is the mopeds weaving in and out of the traffic, to your right, to your left, and if they could go right over your car, they would. It is the crazy parking at the supermarket, outside the Fiorentino Bar in Sant'Agata, the cars driving up from the beach as I am driving home, their drivers sun-burnt and sun-blinded, but still not slowing down when the road narrows and two cars just won't fit. It is the beach, transformed into a mass of sweating humanity, lying elbow to elbow, thigh to thigh, on  interminable rows of sunbeds, placed so close together that you can barely get past them to reach the sea. It is the posh yachts out in the bay making you wonder how come some people have so much, and others so little.
Never mind, we are nearly there. 6 days to Ferragosto, the 15th August and the apex of the Italian summer. And after that, just 2 weeks til September and a return to peace.
Oh, and by the way, this photo was taken in June, and even that small space is now full of sunbeds!


  1. Ouch! And the bay was deserted when we were there in April - just us, two cats and a dog.
    I expect, however, that your high paths are still deserted?

    It's good to see you have started the blog - your writing and photos deserve one!

  2. Thank you! I was so surprised to get a comment, I nearly fainted!